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The Normal Peoples Guide
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Consumer Protection 

The mortgage process can be very confusing. Some mortgage lenders take advantage of the borrower's confusion and overcharge and/or misrepresent the loan you are receiving.

Pages on this tab include:

Junk Fees Explanation
How do you know which fees from the lender and escrow are legitimate, and which are dishonest? This page clears the confusion.

Bait and Switch Practices 
One of the many tricks unscrupulous lenders use to take advantage of borrower's lack of understanding is to offer one loan, and provide a different one at the end. How can you protect yourself from being victimized?

How Points Work
One of the games played against borrowers is to offer a "no points" loan that actually has thousands of dollars in fees. Another is to obscure the truth about how points work at all. This page tells you the truth about how points really work.

Clarification Forms
If you aren't sure whether or not you can trust your loan officer or escrow officer, ask them to complete and sign the two forms provided here. These agreements ask the officer to clearly define fees and loan terms, and holds them responsible for performing on the agreement.

Junk Fees
Protection from Bait & Switch
Points Explained
Risk Assessment Forms